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  1. did you get order on this gig ?
  2. Select low competitive niche . you will get success.
  3. No i didn't do anything !! fiverr automatically asked to me for verify..
  4. i completed last order 4 month ago . Today i verify my account. can someone tell me that is there any hope for my new order after completion verify my account ?
  5. i already uploaded but i don't know why video isn't showing in my profile. can you check my last gig ?
  6. how much take time for review my gig video? here is my profile : https://www.fiverr.com/arifuzzaman058
  7. its international market place you should talking in english language here !!
  8. If your gig is good ranked then dont change it . if you chnage it will effect on your gig rank .
  9. if i change the Sub category for reduce price it will effect my gig rank ?
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