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  1. aerofunk80

    1099 Form

    Hello, fellow US buyers and sellers 🙂 I just started selling last year (2023) and remember filling out the 1099 info and getting approved, but I cannot remember how we access that information so we can file. Do they mail it? Or is there a place I can download and print it via the website? I Googled and can't find anything outside of "How to file" the forms, but I'm unable to locate HOW to access the info I need to file. Thanks in advance for any help here.
  2. Sounds good. Thank you. I appreciate your help with all of this. Have a great day!
  3. Ah, that's an even better idea. I went ahead and did that instead. Also... When you have your gigs set to "Pause," Will that actually cancel all of your active orders? So... don't pause when you have active orders? Is that correct?
  4. I have a question about pausing gigs. I do Fiverr part-time, and want to slow down some of my orders due to personal issues, plus my regular full-time job. However, I don't want to stop doing gigs for my current customers. Basically, I don't want any new customers right now. If I pause my gig, can people still message me on Fiverr if I'm already in their inbox? Can I also still send them custom offers with my gig paused? If not... are there any recommendations to keep my current customer's but turn down/stop new customers?
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