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  1. My internet is sometimes down, and Fiverr cannot recognize me as online even! I do not know what I should do.
  2. How can you do it? Did your customers know you before? What were the secrets?
  3. I just click on extended delivery and write for your client to accept it.
  4. Congratulations, I had just one in the three first months I came on Fiverr.
  5. You should have put a price for more revisions. Also, you just deliver every editing revision through the delivery and after your client asks for revision. In this way, the website keeps your client`s money for more revision.
  6. How can I bring my clients from Instagram and Facebook here? I spend many hours on Social media because I hear people can bring their customers from social media, but I do not know why I cannot convince them to come here.
  7. In my own experience, editing a gig is more affective than creating a new gig of the same typic.
  8. Can I ask you how you get 130 K impration? It is so good on four gigs. could you please kindly tell me your secrets?
  9. I have some gigs but I cannot find them when I search their title on search gigs, what should I do? What happens?
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