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  1. @vickieitoand @amolgigs Thank you so much for your feedback and insight! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey all, I am thinking of setting up an event photography gig on Fiverr, but I am a bit confused about the delivery/turnaround window as the setup is not clear when you configure the gig. For example, if I set a delivery window of 2 days, the presumption is that delivery is within 2 days immediately following the event's date. Is there a way to set up the gig so that the delivery clock starts on the day of the event? Ultimately, I am trying to avoid an example scenario where a buyer submits an order for an event that is 7 days in the future, which runs the risk of being 5 days "late" because the event has just not occurred yet. How do other event photographers have this set up? Any guidance is appreciated!
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