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  1. By the way, I'm looking for an IT specialist to help with cybersecurity for my business. My friend advised me to check out this IT Outstaffing Company based in London. Have you guys worked with them? Please share your advice!
  2. Your Fiverr journey mirrors my own in many ways. I've faced similar hurdles and setbacks. Your resilience is commendable, especially in landing that first order! Keep up the great work! If you ever need guidance or support, remember to reach out.
  3. Also, consider checking out sjonessurveying.co.uk for some inspiration. They have a great logo that might give you some ideas. Good luck with your project!
  4. Don't worry, you're not alone in facing this challenge. When it comes to color preferences, it can be tricky to please everyone. One suggestion is to create a few variations of the logo with different color schemes and present them to your client. Ask for their feedback and be open to making adjustments until you find the color that resonates with them.
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