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  1. Hi, I have always had a 100% response rate until recently I was on a road trip a week ago and could not get to my inbox within 5 minutes of every inquiry. Nothing went over 24 hours though and by the next day, I had responded to every single inquiry. Since then I have responded the minute I've opened my app to try to get my rate back up, but a lot of my inquiries come from overseas, and when they write I am asleep. I tend to get to them about 5 hours after they are sent. My rate has stayed in the 70th percentile since and I cannot get it back to 100% no matter how efficient I am. (Currently at 79%) Does anyone know if there's something I am missing or if there is anything I can do?
  2. Hi, I just started getting "briefs" this morning for the first time. The weird thing is, I feel Fiverr is matching me with other people who are doing and offering the same thing I am. I am a seller, not a buyer so why would they be matching me with other sellers and not buyers looking for my service?
  3. Thank you, yes, I did both. Support got back to me and says it was on his end. But then this guy wrote back saying He is in Paris and can't pay through a "third app" and needs his "accountant" to cut me a check and get it to me. It feels pretty questionable to me. In your experienced opinion, would you say this guy is trying to scam me? I went ahead and told him I need to keep all payments through Fiverr. He just replied, "It's up to you." So far my only experiences here have been spam and scams. It's so disheartening.
  4. Hi, I have my first potential client! Yay! But, he requested a custom order and when I sent it through he says he cannot access it. It gives him the message " transit error". Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this issue as quickly as possible? Thank you.
  5. Hi I had someone request a custom order. I created one and sent and they are saying it won't go through and they are getting a note saying "Transit Error". Perhaps I have missed setting something up on my end, or do I need to withdraw the offer and just start again? Has anyone had experience with this and know what I can do to fix it?
  6. Ok - with the assistance of chat gpt I was able to create what I think is a compassionate and clear boundary. I can't guarantee it will be read or respected but at least I know it's there! Thank you for that suggestion.
  7. I love both of these suggestions. Thank you. Newsmike- did any title come to mind for you that would sound more clinical? Catwriter- What a bummer about the spam. I must be a little naive going into this thinking that's not possible. I like the idea of adding something on my page. Do you know if Fiverr might have a template for writing those kinds of specific descriptions?
  8. Good heavens- I'm not even kidding I pressed send on that last message and already had a notification for another sexually related inquiry. You can't make this stuff up. I want to cry.
  9. Ok, so it's now happened two more times. I have continued to block the people sending these inappropriate "inquiries". I have also received a notification from someone pitching their service to me (in a completely unrelated field) and another asking me to interview for a job completely not in my area. Is this standard? I have not received any actual gig inquiries or interest in what I'm here to do. My sister even suggested perhaps "Empathetic listening" is a front for a different kind of interaction here on Fiverr. My pictures do not reflect the kind of interactions I'm getting. They are not "suggestive" in any manner. I'm really bummed because I thought I found a place where I could actually help people. Would you suggest I just wait it out and keep learning more, or is this type of interaction the norm? Your suggestions, thoughts, and wisdom are much appreciated.
  10. Thank you! This was so great to read and gave me a lot of peace and direction! I appreciate it so much.
  11. Hi, I’m brand new to Fiverr and I just received my first notification from a potential client. I’m an empathetic listener so I figured I might be in for a few creepy messages but not my first one. The guy left a message somewhat explicit but within this “story” that of course would pull on the heart strings of any empath. I obviously don’t want to take the client and I’m afraid to get bad marks right off the bat. What should I do? How does one handle this professionally and kindly (cause I don’t want to ignore him and leave him hanging but also kind of don’t want to engage). Please help!
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