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  1. hey thanks for your answer. Unfortunately that's not what i need to know. I'm not gonna comment on the AI thing, i already sent a screenshot, and we are not in an english class, and chatgpt is not against the law. also, I didn't attack anyone, i only stated my opinion.
  2. "Before pointing out flaws, ensure your fingers are free from the same stains." Before i start my reply, see attached a comparison between my text and yours, pretty funny isn't it english is my fourth language by the way. I thank you for all the judging you did there. You didn't answer any of my questions unfortunately, but this person did. sometimes you just need to answer people's questions without making assumptions. no need to reply back again, i won't read your comment. thanks again.
  3. i already did that, the briefs stopped suddenly, nothing made them come back, not even one brief.
  4. I want to clarify that my inquiries about Fiverr's involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict are not influenced by the fact that it is an Israeli company. I am aware of its origins in Israel with an Israeli CEO, but it has since grown into an international platform with diverse funding sources, including institutions and individuals who hold shares. My intention is to ensure that the company maintains a neutral stance, regardless of its origins.
  5. Dear Fiverr Team, I have a question regarding Fiverr, and I would appreciate any information or clarification on this matter. Additionally, if anyone else in the community has insights, please feel free to share. As a member of a significant Muslim community, recent events in the Israel-Palestine conflict have prompted me to seek clarification on Fiverr's stance and any potential involvement in related matters. - Could Fiverr confirm whether it has made financial contributions to any parties directly or indirectly involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict? - Furthermore, has Fiverr been involved in any activities that could be perceived as supporting or encouraging the conflict, such as political lobbying or partnerships with organizations directly engaged in the dispute? - Is there any indication that Fiverr endorses or encourages its employees or freelancers to participate in the conflict in any manner? I am seeking this information to ensure transparency and to make informed decisions about our continued participation on the platform. It is crucial for us to be certain that Fiverr aligns with values promoting peace and neutrality. I would appreciate any official statement or information that Fiverr can provide on these matters. Thank you for your time and attention to this important issue. Best regards
  6. Yeah i will wait for the next evaluation on january.. in case nothing happens and the situation is the same, what do you think i should do? thanks for your help.
  7. same thing, seems like the war affected fiverr "headquarters is located in israel" i'm not getting any brief as well, they stopped suddenly and their support cannot give me any logical explanation..
  8. Hi, so everything was perfect, was getting briefs every day and suddenly "two months ago" stopped getting them for good.. i contacted fiverr support team, they keep repeating the same thing like a robot, "you simply didn't match, you have to work on your quality work" it seems like despite having a "fiverr's favorite" badge, having more than 200 positive feedback, getting tips from buyers, this won't help you have any briefs whyyy?! I just want a valid explanation and a solution, did fiverr stopped getting briefs? is anyone facing the some problem please, we could probably address this matter together to fiverr thanks
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