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  1. are you from bangladesh ? indian pakistani clients are tough to handle. im a newbie. fiverr is so competatiove place may be. and feel me down also. best wishes for you
  2. i got that message too
  3. Thanks you sooo much. this helps me a lot as a newbie. take love
  4. How can I encourage Buyers to leave a reviews? Recently I completed one of my order. Now, how can I ask the buyer to give a review? Or it would be better not to ask? suggest me please . take love
  5. Now a days i see my gigs impressions and click getting down, so what can i do with it? Update older gigs or create new gig? Please help 😞
  6. How many month you are on fiverr? Im also didn't get my first order yet. 🙃
  7. I´m also a newbie . i didn't get any order yet. but i don't loose my hope. you will get your first order soon, just hang in there. best wishes
  8. that means i have to upload my portfolio as a PDF ?
  9. Im also a newbie . hope everything gonna be fine with us,
  10. hope so . thank you for your words .take love
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