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  1. Hi Mohsinal, completing 100 plus projects is a great mile stone and I hope you will complete more projects with great reviews. Coming to the issue that you are facing, Fiverr shuffles the gigs based on so many factors. Most of the freelancers on this platform are facing the same issue. One thing that I can suggest you is Keep all of your stats in green, Fiverr will again promote your page.
  2. If you want to promote your profile, I would recommend you to have a website of your own and promote it. Fiverr is taking 20% of the profit from us. So it won't be a great idea to promote your own gig by yourself and give 20% of the share to Fiverr for the gig that you have promoted.
  3. I support this petition. #wewantoldsystemback With all these new changes it becoming harder and harder to work on this platform. I used to love fiverr a lot also I used to say fiverr changed my life in a good way and now I have to say fiverr is changing my life in a different way.
  4. Yup sales are going down month by month and I am updating my profile on other freelance platforms. I used to fully rely on Fiverr but now I cont rely on fiver alone. I think most of the veteran Fiverr sellers are in same situation. If I get more sales on other freelance platform(s), there is a chance that I can concentrate more on that platform and ignore Fiverr. Now I am wondering what will happen to Fiverr if most of the senior Fiverr sellers get more sales on some other freelance platforms and concentrate more on that?
  5. Seeing so many newbie gigs ( i mean gigs with less than 100 reviews ) on the first page and old gigs pushed to the bottom page and some of them to even second and third pages.
  6. I did face the same situation but in my case, I received 2.3 rating for that 😦 and receiving warnings for TOS violations Coz I asked the buyer to change the review
  7. I think it is better to upload all the screenshots of your conversation with that buyer to Fiverr CS team. Fiverr may not refund you back that amount but they can at least block him/her from Fiverr if he/she is a scammer.
  8. Under selling tab you can find " buyers request ".
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