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  1. asadovfx


    hello, how can i create a fiverr club ? so havent my country club, i want create club
  2. Even if you don't come out in the front row, you can be on the next pages. or maybe you didn't use your keywords correctly. and don't change too much on gig.
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed review and reply. You are very kind. I will consider all of them.
  4. Hello to everyone. I have 2 gigs. and the keywords are almost the same, the number of stars too. but what could it be, one of my gigs gets 5k views and so many orders while the other 200-300 views and no orders
  5. are these your gig descriptions? Or are you proposing to me? ))
  6. using the right keywords, responding to buyer queries, and staying online. a bit of luck
  7. Is this about the algorithm or what they see on my profile?
  8. What are the benefits of doing skill testing? And is there any harm in low results?
  9. hi, i have 2 gigs and one of them had good original traffic. it wasn't very good in the other, but I shared my better works in the 2nd. so i changed their videos and tags. I also do advertising. 60 clicks and only 2 orders. How to fix such a regression? it was much better before
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