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  1. Fivrr is the buggiest website I have ever seen. Everything I click gives me an error. I've tried on multiple browsers. I've tried to set up my w9 and I get set into an endless loop of upload and confirm with the button to start my selling campaign grayed out. I try to connect my Facebook page and I click the FB logo and just get taken back to the same page I started with. I go to my "gigs" page and it says the video is "processing". It's been saying that for 2 days. I tried to change my email and I get an error saying I've reached my request limit. So 1 is the request limit? They removed my profile image saying it wasn't original. I took the damn thing! It's just an endless cycle of errors and loops on this site. I don't get it. I'd love to use Fivrr but this is all pretty frustrating.
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