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  1. Hi I'm Safak, I will talk about a bad experience I had. This was my first experience and unfortunately it was a bad experience on Fiverr. Fiverr user 'vincentzaddy' wrote to me regarding my logo design gig. I saw the message in the spam box '@victor_miller' told me to contact with this name on telegram. I wrote on Telegram and he sent me a list of projects to get started. (80 logo designs in 5 days, $100 for each design) I asked him if he wanted any deposit from me before starting the designs. The buyer named Victor Miller said he didn't want any deposit from me and I could start the designs. He shared a contract with me and it said there was a translation job instead of a logo design. I told him the contract was wrong and he should edit it and throw it away. Also, when the designs were finished, I said that I would send the jpeg files and if he paid the full amount, I would throw the originals away and he accepted. I completed the designs in less than 5 days and sent them to Victor's company mail. A positive response email was sent to me within a few hours. I wrote to Victor again and asked when I would get my full payment. He said the person involved with the payment business was someone named Tom (@Tom_nails) and asked me to contact that person. When I contacted Tom, he asked me for a deposit ($200). For account activation, I sent the money to a local account named Tarık Turan Hışır (Enpara QNB). They said they would send my full payment to my local account within 45 minutes but they didn't. He also said that he will pay after receiving an additional premium ID card from me. I did not want to do business with them and I asked for my deposit back, which I sent to them, but they said they could not pay. I cannot reach the person named Victor who contacted me first. Employee Contract Form.pdf
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