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  1. I forgot to mention that I don't have a target audience and that is just who I thought might be interested. Again sorry if this is hard to read, I should be asleep.
  2. The problem is that I don't want people to know my name yet after knowing what my yt channel as I'm not confitable about that yet (I'll have to include it as to show my skill and not even 3 figures subscriber wise is not impressive anyways) Also I don't think I have any other skills that I know of (it is nearly midnight but even in the day time I can't figure out any) and so the reason why I'm pessimistic is because I know I don't have enough skill in anything else to even bother with making it a gig. Also, sorry for the late reply, I got no notification and also assumed this was dead after my previous comments.
  3. I started this account so that I can try to have some income while my yt channel gets off of the ground (it hasnt) but now it looks like this was a pointless endeavor. I am interested in the accordion, but much like any other skill I am too poor to do it. Solutions to the poor thing can't happen as I'm on a zero hour contract so I'm treated as employed while having the bare minimum income which is not enough to do anything. Thanks for the suggestion but at this point I feel too poor to make this work. I'll probay continue on trying stuff on fiverr but at this rate, I feel really pessimistic.
  4. My thinking was that other Japanese learners can compare/learn how to write certain phrases. Other than that, I think Japanese people who doesn't know of any foreingers would be interested.
  5. (Ignore the second quote) why did you focus on it being bad? I never put that in anywhere of the gig. It isn't ment to be bad. Also in general about me, I have no relevant skills so these gigs are the only ones I can think of that might be doable and profitable.
  6. I'm new to this so it could be be being impatient but since I started my gig I don't know how much people will care about it. To add to this now that I have gotten my first order, it seems that my impressions have been tanking. It could just be a bad couple of days but I'm really struggling with that first first point. So, is my gig in any sort of demand? Am I doing anything wrong? Do I need more patience? (I don't know if this is necessary but here's the link) https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d07a350142
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