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  1. Sometime i don't know what to look for specifically. "Programmer" or "Computer people" are all I know to look for when we have a sofware problem, but the there are "millions" of variations of programmers as it seems, i prefer to explain the problem in own layman words and hopefully someone understand the problem and offers to help. But the new request doesn't seem to reach out to general computer/programmer freelancers but handed over to only ONE "algoritm-choosen" freelancer as it seems, who will reply within a few seconds with something general like "Hi, i can solve this problem" and nothing more.
  2. It has nothing with budget to do. Im looking for people with expertise in areas where i have no clue about, So i need to explain the problem with my own layman words and hopefully someone who know to solve the task will reply with a general suggestion.
  3. I had hope that Fiverr-support or any buyers would suggest som more efficient request strategies. Sadly, as it is now, Fiverr is useless for us, and we are back at Freelancer.com again
  4. Very odd indeed as why they removed the well working old request. And by that, we moved away from Fiverr
  5. How to reach out to more sellers now when the old request is gone?
  6. 1, Yea press F5 a few times between each message solve the problems and at least one will not miss any massages. But it is a workaround for a crappy functionality. Even the freelancers i work with, say the same, that messages are delayed and easily missed. At least F5 will works for now. Good work Fiverr, not. 2, Yea, sure everything will work with workarounds, even though it is more troublesome and totally unnecessary. Good work Fiverr, not. 3, Should be easy to solve with logging the editing and deleting. But why bother? 4, Still happens, even F5 won't solve it. Sometimes they pop up later in the chat history, sometimes 2-3 of the same file. So many thing that does not work properly, I currently have 3 freelancers on the chat, and suddenly i'm blocked out with this "Party" message below. Happens a few times per day sometimes... Another reason to use an external chat app... So now we are 4 people just wasting time waiting for the blockade to be lifted. Good work Fiverr, not. Where's the party? There's a lot of activity from your IP address. We've restricted access while we take a look.
  7. 1, Delayed messages - Need to press F5 all the time then? Is that normal you do you think?2, No quote reply function - Bullseye, the chat should work similarly as forum, as buyers and seller are in different time zones, so tenth of messages can be on display before the other part can see it. 3, No edit function - Manipulating information is not a problem if, as many other similar platforms, limits the editing to 10-20 minutes after it was first written. 4, Posted files show for a while as sent and then disappears. - It happens for pictures, PDFs, word docs and excels... Judging from the amount of posts you and Jonbass have here, it is near to think that you are employed by Fiverr, or have a thing for collection likes at discussion forums, instead of being real everyday users of Fiverr...
  8. 1, Delayed messages popping up long later in the chat history. Cases a lot of confusion, and misunderstandings. 2, No quote reply function, we chat about multiple topics, and a lot of misunderstanding occurs when one don't know what the reply is about. We end up copy and paste old massages. Very time consuming and it add another level of possible errors to the issue. 3, No edit function. One write multiple instructions with added pictures, and if one write/paste wrong message or picture, the whole situation gets complicated and is a source for further misunderstandings. And edit would easily solve this. 4, Posted files show for a while as sent and then disappears. Happens again and again and again... So, I'm asking for nothing more than BASIC chat functionality.
  9. What is you point? Yes, the account was setup a while ago. And i tested it out back then as a buyer. But I have just recently start using it "fully" now, for our project, so for sure i'm new here. "My freelancers/sellers" are those i hired. Again, what is you point, as your posts here are of no help?
  10. Today i lost a full workday due to this shitty chat.. As messages are delayed and much later pops up the middle of the old chat history, they get missed by both me and the freelancer. This chat is disastrously bad, yes REALLY BAD.. I no longer care if they ban me if they don't want my money, then i just stopp using this crap as UW and FL have served us well for years. And add to this as i get tenth of robot verifications, lookouts, hold button, and verification codes every day.... How can anyone work with this???
  11. Because they are forced to it, or they actually using other means of communication too. But for you it seem to be effectively enough, great, that is good, but it does not work for me and my freelancers. We all have different sophistication needs.
  12. I have deleted SO MANY potential freelancer because of this... Both are blue and very near each other, especially on a 4K screen. AT LEAST have an undo shown for 5-10 seconds
  13. It is soo bad... i spent 20 minutes in frustration to find excel work in this shitty list... I ended up looking at the search-way to excel-people's job postings. That is how bad it is.... AND it is impossible to post more than one file... I tried 2 times today, but people can only see one of them, Again so bad
  14. Haha, why aren't they giving us correctly working tools then? I'm new here, and Fiverr feels like it is developed by a bunch of kids... Nothing have been thought trough especially well. Lets them ban me then, as i cant use this crappy chat for professional work. Anyway, thanks guy for your help.
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