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  1. My point exactly. We are here to help a brother out in any way we can
  2. Hey guys, so I'm not really new to fiverr but I'm new here on the forum. Really excited to learn from fellow sellers and share ideas. I do graphics design so if anyone has any ideas to share or selling and gig optimizations then feel free to share. Hope to get to know a lot of you and help each other grow ❤️ Victor
  3. Hey, so I'm not a top rated seller but here's my advice: Add gig images. They really help a lot in giving you customers a better feel of what you have to offer. Not sure if that's how websites are priced but I'd say price lower, most people aren't willing to pay large amounts to new sellers 😢 Write a better description. I'm not sure if this is allowed but you could copy a pro seller's description then edit it to suit your gig and what you have to offer. Please note that this is not pro advice, I'm only sharing what worked for me and also most of this will change after you get a few sales e.g the prices. Wishing you all the best 🙂
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