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  1. yes u can change your gig image. Try to create a brand color and choose a nice thumbnail
  2. Welcome to Fiverr. Learn everyday and implement that in work. Be patient and Try Hard. Success will Definitely come.
  3. Welcome To Fiverr Platform. Best of luck 🙂
  4. do not directly mention about the review. but ask him if he like your work he can leave his comment in order page 😄
  5. Congratulations 😄 best of luck. Soon u will be level 2
  6. I’ve fulfilled everything to get the nomination for top rated. but i’ve not received any notification related to badge. its little strange. From the last 6 month i get that notification but they did not give me “top rated badge” then i loss my level 2 and 1 badge and became new seller and again i am a level 2 seller and today i was suppose to receive that nomination. Any thought about that ???
  7. Hello, Everyone. Good Morning / Evening / Night Is it possible to get an Earning Certificate from Fiverr? Sometimes we need it, I don’t think Fiverr provides this kind of certificate, so if anyone knows how to get one then feel free to tell me. Otherwise, we can contact support and tell them about our needs. What do u think guys.
  8. yes it kill instantly, i did not complete much order but i did not told u the exact amount of order i complete. my question is while cancel one single order drop u 5% then doing 2 or 3 complete order did not up 2-5% why ?
  9. yes this month i only cancel 1 order and may be did 4-5 order
  10. its been 3 years i am working in fiverr and in this 3 days fiverr update them as much as possible. The last update i like it. but there few problem that fiverr did not notice. What was the new Update- The new update is fiverr provide few standards and you have to Maintain these standards to remain your level at same position and level update. Now The Problem- 5 days ago I see my Order Completion Rate was 95% and then that day I had to cancel an order. then they immediately bring my percentage to 90% Then I complete 2 more order but they did not level up my percentage and its remain same 90%. Now today i see its 89% and they give me a red signal Question is- when you cancel an order fiverr bring you down at rocket speed but when you do good in business then they bring you up at no speed. In Fiverr every seller experience that- there was few client who explores Fiverr and places an order by mistake and they ask for a refund. now, what happened when we refund it? when we refund it then Fiverr bring us down at rocket speed? Don’t you guys think that Fiverr should have to look at these issues? also, their analytics system has lot of bugs.
  11. the same thing happen with me 1 days ago, i edit one of my best selling gig, after editing of video i did not see my gig on my profile, and when i go to my gig section see that my gig is in draft section then i try to re active the gig and it active but when i again go to my gig section then see the same problem. then i send a message in support but they did not reply after few hour i tried again and see that it works. but now i see when i search my gig its does not show. i tried it with filter search but it does not show… i again message in fiverr but they did not reply my message what i will do ??? 😦
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