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  1. most times it depend on your locality, there's time been scheduled for you to see your buyer requests, and also the number of gigs you have created too matters
  2. You get warning twice, before account suspension, that was why it is advisable for you to read Fiver Term of services carefully, as a new seller, level 1 account, even though level 2 account
  3. what can cause removal of gig video is that, the video content of your gig doesn't belong to you or against Fiverr Terms of service
  4. though, it depends on the number of gigs you have created as a seller, if you have one gig, your probability of seeing buyer request is very low so, try and create all your 7 gigs as new seller, then you have the higher chance of seeing numbers of buyer request, and also note the time you always see the buyer request at your own locality
  5. The best advice that i will give you is that, any activities that is prohibited or against fiverr TOS don't even think of doing it
  6. That's right, don't do anything that will go against Fiverr TOS Try to convince them, with better ideas
  7. Keep doing what you have done to receive the 5 projects Consistency is the key to sucess
  8. That's Great answer from great lady I think that's the best solution
  9. Hello, Everyone I'm mango boi by the nickname, I have this question which has been bothering me, how can someone become one of the most top earner on Fiverr I need suggestions from Pro's
  10. What a Great & Perfect answer Kudos to you sir
  11. Hello everyone, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm new here, I want to know how to boost Gigs impressions, clicks & conversion on My Account I will be waiting for your Answers
  12. When you are to compose offer to buyer requests, kindly send it Professionally, firstly, warming welcome & greetings Secondly your working experience in the field Then the main points, is what you want to do for your customers The reason why he/she has to choose you
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