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  1. Reply to @careerplus: @fonthaunt It’s true, this guy is using a fake country and as you can see from the posts in the forum, his English is terrible! He’s clearly not in the US. I got him to look at my CV and the “Rewritten CV” was literally a copy/paste job from a site called job-interview-site.com He changed my name at the top and the job titles, but not the position descriptions. It was hilarious! The position descriptions were for other jobs. I put a few into Google and realised the entire CV was plagiarised. @careerplus Your service is a total scam and I hope Fiverr realise this and take your account down. It’s insulting to users on here that are trying to provide other great services. I should have realised something was up when your messages came through in incredibly awkward grammar! Not to mention the fake reviews on your profile. Fiverr… People like this shouldn’t be allowed to have profiles.
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