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  1. Hey, I need a help from you, I was selling on fiverr for already like 1 year and in last 1 month my impressions really went up but after that month it went absolutely down and now from 1-k views that I was getting per day I am getting 0-5 views per day which is like extreme difference. I have no clue why fiverr did that I am selling NFT Art designs and all of my customers what I know were happy, I always delivered on time and my prices were under average. Don't somebody have explanation why this happened? I am getting now literally zero. Thank you very much for any answer. Here is the picture of my impressions graph:
  2. Okay thank you for explaining me this problem, now what can I do to make this problem go away? I mean I always work hard and try to satisfy my customers just unluckily got these two bad reviews. I mean not 5 star. Do you think it still have some sense on fiverr? Thank you.
  3. Hey vickieito, thank you very much for your comment. Just one thing, the orders were late but not delivered late, all of the customers then agreen on extension of delivery so it was delivered in time. Could this have also some effect?
  4. Hello, I have been selling on fiverr for around 3 months when I got into really good point that I was making enough money for monthly living. Every day I was getting at least 2-3 orders and many people were messaging me, some of my gigs had impressions around 1-3k and I was on first page on fiverr but suddenly in like period of 3 days the impressions started to decrease from thousands to dozens. So now my main gig that had 3k views a day have 10 views per day and nothing is happening for like 3 weeks already. This happened when I had around 16 orders overall and like two or three of them were late, so maybe it could be caused by this? However now I've already finished all the orders and I am still getting 5-10 views on my gigs for some reason. Other thing that seems weird to me is that this didn't happen just with one gig which would be understandable but with all of them, overall I have 8 gigs and all dropped to almost nothing. Why would it happen to all of them? Do somebody have same experience or know by what this could be caused? Thank you so much everybody for replies.
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