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  1. Hi Guys, So I want to hire a freelancer on Fiverr to develop a mobile game for me. This game will be published on all mobile platforms. I want to know, when the project is completed, the game is uploaded to the relevant platforms..... Who owns the game? Me as the buyer/client or the game developer who developed the game? What rights do I, as the Buyer have on the game I paid someone to develop for me? Would a developer be able to sell my game? I am not talking of redistribution of the source files to the game, I mean the actual game that will be uploaded to the platforms. I see that some sellers (game developers) include the source code and some don't. What would be the reason for not including the source code on completion of the project you were paid to develop? Some sell it for an additional fee but others don't give it at all. If after months of being around, there are bugs and errors, wouldn't I need the source code to have those fixed....to the sellers that don't offer source code, are the buyers then not held to ransom, because every time a problem came up, I would need to go back to that seller and hire them to fix it....and it would be because I am forced to. God forbid that the seller is unavailable or doesn't respond to any messages then am I left to now build the game from scratch? Of course, I would want the developer who created my game, working on fixing bugs and issues that come up because they know it, they developed it....but I would prefer it being my choice. I want full ownership/rights to the game. How do I make sure that I have these 100% ?
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