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  1. Will it rank again ? After how many days?
  2. I am a content writer and I had my gig ranked on 2nd page while another 2 on the 3rd pages. My gig was not getting enough clicks so I decided to change the thumbnail. As soon as I changed it, my gig disappeared and is no where to be found now. I am extremely depressed over what just happened. Any solutions?
  3. I changed my gig images and set them the same. My gig was ranked on second page and now it just disappeared. I cannot see my gig even at the last page. What happened and how can I get it back?
  4. I completed my very first order on 4th sept. The money I earned is still under pending clearance. During this time, I completed 2 more orders and now the collective amount is pending. How long does it take. Its already been 17 days.
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