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  1. First off, i know this is my own fault but i'd like some advice on this issue. I got message from a buyer who i had to help host a mevn app on aws lightsail. He sent me a discord link for screenshare, i was hesitant if i can do this or not so i didnt create an order yet, it took a long time but the task was done, we decided to talk the next day but he has stopped replying to my messages on discord or fiverr. what should i do now. I have proof of all the discussion on both platforms. The reason i was hesitant to place an order was because a buyer cancelled an order for the first time and so my account went from level 1 to 0, and now instead of 40, 50 buyer requests i barely see 1- 4 buyer requests. What should i do in this situation, as it's hard enough already to get back in for about 2 months after this last cancelled order, thankyou.
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