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  1. Hey, congratulations, that's awesome! 🎉
  2. @theratypist, Thanks so much for your advice on this! He seems to be using both the revision request and extension request to buy time, as it were, until he gets feedback from his client on my voiceover. You confirmed what I was already thinking, that the revision is really all that is necessary, and I will let him know that would be for the best in this instance. @theratypist, I really appreciate the time you took to reply to my question! 💚
  3. I hope someone may be able to give me some guidance, and please know that I did search the forum, but couldn't find anything that specifically related to my question. (Although I'm thinking that surely someone else has had the same question!) So, I delivered a recording a a day early and didn't hear back from my buyer, who is also a Fiverr seller and who is using my voiceover for a video. He asked for a revision and indicated he still needs to get feedback from his client. Okay, so it's my understanding that even though I see the dreaded ##LATE## that it's not going to negatively affect me, since I delivered the the initial file on time. He's also asking for an extension and I'm not sure why that would be needed, as long as the order is in revision requested status. Also, I'm not quite sure how the extension will affect me, such as my stats, or otherwise. I guess the question is, should I just let my buyer know I'd rather leave it in revision status or give him the extension? Ugh, I'm sure this is fundamentally a basic Fiverr question, but I'm not sure the pros and cons of each option, frankly. I'd sure appreciate any insights anyone can share that will help! Thanks in advance! 💚
  4. Thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it!
  5. Thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it!
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it!
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