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  1. thx! that makes me less worry, but what I'm wondering is that i haven't received respond from Customer Support, do you know why? because i don't think they just take my money from my account without responding it!@
  2. oh yeah i checked and asked them yesterday for refund my money to my card, the funds from my Fiverr balance is gone but I didn't get any response from CS and don't see anything on my card history
  3. and also what I'm wondering is that do they process this without responding to me?? I'm really confused about what's going on. But hopefully i get my money to my bank..
  4. hey thx for the reply!! it has been 1days ever since i asked for refund to my bank, but i still haven't received respond from customer support!!
  5. thanks! since I'm new to Fiverr I'm really confused about what is going on, and I still haven't received respond from customer support, and its been more than 12 hours.
  6. My order was canceled so I had to refund my balance from Fiverr to my original account, and I requested a refund at Fiverr. Yet my money from Fiverr balance is gone but hasn't appear on my Card history. and I didn't get any respond from customer services either, so I was wondering if it's supposed to be gone from my Fiverr balance after I submitted refund request? or not!!
  7. So my seller canceled the order and i got refund yesterday, i woke up today to check if they respond. There was no respond but my fiverr balances are gone. So I want to know how it works. Like once i see the money gone from my fiverr balance should i expect that they're working on them?? or not
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