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  1. Wise words here 🙂 You are so right. Thank you!
  2. Thank you guys for your replies! I didn't accept dispute, fiverr support cancelled the order. I guess the client is always right... How do I contact them? I couldn't find this option.
  3. Hello, community! I am relatively new in here with completed just 2 orders. The first one was all good, customer was happy and so was I. But right now I've experienced a really disappointing attitude from the second customer. First he bargained about the price and then when I agreed on a lower price, he even had some additional requirements regarding the deal. I know I shouldn't complain about this since we've agreed on the deal but I guess it should be said in this case. I did everything as he required and when I delivered he started complicating. The gig was about performing and recording music on a classical instrument (harp). He said he is happy with the playing and arrangement but he stated that there was background noise in the record I've sent, in his opinion - a TV noise (???), which wasn't true at all. Then he marked my delivery as "incomplete, partial, or an empty" and it got cancelled, although I did everything he asked for. I got a warning and I don't feel like this is fair since I put a lot of work into it - he asked for 2 different arrangements, performances + video which I did it in the best way I could have. How should I deal with it? Customer states a fact that is completely not true and order gets cancelled anyway. Is there any way Fiverr protects sellers or just customers?
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