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  1. if it uses this option for vacations. then, is there any bad effort probably for my fiverr account like gig down, lost rank, and more ? understand me in details Thank you
  2. can anyone give me a suggestation? or any message pattern between seller and buyer? how will give message step by step a seller to buyer ?
  3. No no .. you thinking is wrong .. i told the topic i have so much skilled on work..but i am not foolish man.. i don't never tell i am skilled with any buyer when i talk with there..i know that, need experience and i have told that in post just i have so... You didnot understand clearly my post ..
  4. last couple of 5 days ago, I would get buyer request more in a day . but i have not getting buyer request since 4/5 days. but when i create my gig then i have divided diferently gig sub category.. is it any problem in my fiverr profile? or Due to any fiverr update it is being ? need support .. thank you
  5. I am in active fiverr account 21 hours out of 24 hours but i try to stay 23 hours in online .. but 21 hours sometimes happend ..
  6. i am asking cause Necessary talks with clients about there work but sometimes clients don't reply message me and he doesn't reply of message anytime ..
  7. Hi, i am in fiverr last couple of 3 month. i opened my gig above Social media advertising and Search engine marketing and i know and sure that i have enough skilled and experience how to give proper service on SMM and SEM. Totally i have created thosely my gig but the problem is i amnot getting any order, proper clients knock but i have got some knock by buyer request but when i talk full professioally with clients after sometimes clients tell me he is busy..but he don't knock after anytime .. what's the reason? what is my problem ? where is my lack? why i am not getting proper knock ? i always active in fiverr almost 23 hours but sometimes that happend 21 hours but very rare.. i hope some experience people will help me properly up the questions ..what shuld i do right now? but i love this work..
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