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  1. Thank you dear, hope everything would be fine one day. Thanks everyone for all your sincere suggestions and tips.
  2. I really agree with your positive response despite offering the best services my success manager told me that you should have to offer coupons in this way the client will come back to you as you offering discounts, no doubt i have max repeated buyers but somehow we offer leverage to the buyers until we get organic orders.
  3. No no, i have only one success manager but now gigs are deranked and not getting enough earning so i turned off the seller plus feature
  4. Its the same in MY BUSINESS/EARNINGS 😞
  5. One of my success manager told me that by offering coupons that would really help to make long term relationships with your buyers as my gigs are deranked
  6. It's not fair, i think. We offer coupons to buyer for long term relationship but fiverr deducts more than 20% then we got nothing , all our efforts get vain.
  7. I didn't get clarity on it please. On 100usd order , i should have to get 80. Right. But after giving coupons to the buyer of 20% i got 64. Means 40% amount was deducted?
  8. Hello, Recently i have completed 2 orders, one is of 30usd and other one is of 100usd but out of 20%deduction i Recieved only 19.20 and 64usd respectively. Does that happend due to giving coupons to the buyer of 20%?
  9. Hi, Hope everyone is keeping fine, I have a few questions about relating to gig de-ranking issues, is there any chance once gig can be revived to its original place after deranking and promotionally unqualified state? A few days ago , i was getting orders organically and some because of promoted gigs but unfortunately this is totally deranked and i am in a frustration mode, despite being a seller plus i am facing this issue. Can anyone help me? https://www.fiverr.com/s2/54db9be68f
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