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  1. It is better to create a new one than editing 🙂
  2. Hi, I want to avoid buyer's work. Because he wants a lot with $5; And threatening that if I don't, he will report against me. How do I handle this situation?
  3. do an extensive research before publishing a gig At first choose the most low competitive keywords for the title and the tags must give a unique content in the description and also have an eye catching Gig image with SEO Do social sharing with proper knowledge be patient and give some time to rank your gig then think about getting orders
  4. Hi, if your gig impression is 0, then your gig may not be appearing in the search result. And if so, then contact CS immediately.
  5. Congratulations, wish you get more and more. Now it's party time😉
  6. In other marketplaces, we can easily see the buyers' information. But in Fiverr, we cannot. So, Fiverr should consider this issue or should allow these types of helpful extensions.
  7. There are 2 types of review. 1) Public & 2)Private. There is no impact for no review. But one thing is, if a buyer gives a negative remark in their private review then it definitely impacts your Gig ranking. So, complete the buyer's requirement according to his given instruction.
  8. I hope you get your job soon🙂. Best of luck brother.
  9. Best wishes brother. I hope you will get more bigger projects in future🙂
  10. I think you need to clean up your browser history or try another browser.
  11. Search with your targeted keyword in FB or other SM. Eg. " I need a web designer". Filter the search with most recent post. Message the post creator describing your service and provide the link.
  12. Changing the Gig tile was the biggest mistake you did because your URL says something different. I suggest you remove this Gig and create a fresh one. Before publishing a gig make an extreme research.
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