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  1. but fiver forum is fun and helpful for us i think...specially for the new ones. experienced people share alot of info which helps other to gather knowledge and apply them in their professional field. kinda an office group chat LMAO
  2. no she mentioned me as a sister just like that.
  3. are these two connected? what is the difference?
  4. stay active and keep sending buyer request. Also promote your gigs! Congratulations and Good luck!
  5. @mohdaamiraziz Is it any helpful to earn any badge?
  6. How can I improve my gigs for better response? I am skilled developer but I think I couldn't present my work talent and experience through the gigs, so if you guys have any better solution pls suggest. Thank you!
  7. congratulations!!! Hope you get more success in future!
  8. Hope the situation gets better soon!!! Prayers for people all around the world
  9. im trying to do that as much as possible... Thanks for the suggestion
  10. You need to create good gigs with low competition keywords.
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