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  1. Can anyone give me a trip to make a eye catching picture for my gigs ...?
  2. Thank you. For your valuable information.
  3. Thank you. For sharing your experience.
  4. Another thing is I recently canceled my order. My client with VID badge on fiverr. Will this have a bad effect on my profile?
  5. I think before creating your gig should be given Fiverr skill test. or whatever you want. if you have given Fiverr skills test it helps you to get orders.
  6. I'll add my title on the gig description and also used my related tags 2/3 times on the gig description. BUT my gig didn't rank and also my gig impression and click didn't increase. please help me to get more impressions and clicks. Thank you.
  7. Yes, I agree with you. I also think a face does not create trust. Your work and the way you manage yourself! It makes you loyal to your client.
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