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  1. Hi violet, How is your health now? You can get your gig impression back on the track by doing inorganic promotion. What do I mean by that? Inorganic promotion can be done by using some site like 10khits.com, trafficape.com, and if you should do this within 2days you will see the impact. Wish you better health. Violet
  2. The issue is that its not just one gig it applies to all my gigs
  3. Yes, I've checked all that, but its still not showing. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Hello, I've been facing this problem for over a week now and I don't know how to go about it and I need urgent suggestions forum. A week has passed now and I didn't get any contacting that's when I thought I should check my gig on fiverr. On searching for my gig, I saw that it was not showing me as online seller which I have tried my possible best to amend but to no avail its still not showing online, please help me with any suggestion that can be of help no matter how small it is. Thanks
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