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  1. Hi everyone. It is extremely frustrating not being given the opportunity to appeal and demonstrate that the work samples shown in my Gig are mine and not downloaded images from the internet or copyrighted material. I created a Gig about "Interior and Exterior Renders", I attached the images I used on that Gig, as work examples. Upon further examination, I realized that maybe my mistake was to use images that are not quite related to the Gig's description, I used that cartoony Christmas village and those Day of the Dead Sugar and Chocolate Skulls. My intention was to not to be generic, and show my most creative work but, it makes total sense that these images can be considered not appropriate to describe what I was offering, except for the last one, that's an actual Architectural rendering. I think this is a problem with the Bots Fiverr use to verify the images we upload, and I guess the problematic image was the Sugar Skulls, the color, lighting and background are extremely generic and can definitely resemble this image. High Contrast Image Sugar Skulls Used Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1205633320 (shutterstock.com) As you can see they are very similar, because I took inspiration from those stock photos, and the bot probably mistook my image as an image from the internet. I have the Blender files to demonstrate that that image is mine, is my original creation. The same can be said for the Christmas Town render, I mean, there are tons of images of Christmas Towns all over the internet. I also have the files to demonstrate that that model is mine. These Renders actually belong to 3D models I sell on dedicated websites and that also serves as proof that this is my work, they were made and uploaded to those websites last year. I hope someone from the Fiverr team can read this and give me the opportunity to contact support, because this is clearly a mistake, just let an actual human review this case.
  2. Something really annoying happened to me today. I opened my Fiverr profile like 1 and 1/2 years ago. I released my gig to an ocean of similar gigs, like a message in a bottle, like the voyager floating through space in hopes to find alien life in the infinite darkness of space. 6 months later I got my first gig, it all went great and then, my Fiverr went dark again. As a Freelancer you need to keep moving, you can't stay in one spot expecting people to come and offer job opportunities, you have to go out there and look for those juicy projects. And that's what I did, I made some good money throughout the year. I checked Fiverr from time to time, but I kinda gave up on the site, I was busy with other stuff so I forgot about this place. Sadly work is scarce again, so I came to Fiverr to see if I can give my gigs another try, maybe update a few things and what I found was something really annoying. 5 messages, 5 potential orders I could have fulfilled no problem, all in the same month. Now that I need that money I can't get it because getting orders on Fiverr is like winning a small lottery. I need to get those notifications on my cellphone now, can't let this happen to me again. Thanks for reading. Good luck out there.
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