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  1. Hi, You're a new seller. Buyer Request not show all the day. There is specific time in which buyer request show. It only appears for 10 to 20 minutes in your buyer request session after this these buyer request disappears from your fiverr buyer request session. To send the buyer request be online maximum as you stay online. try to check buyer request all the days mostly buyer request shows during 5PM to 9PM. Thanks
  2. In Share this Gig Option you can see fiverr encourage you to share your gig on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social Media Site. In spamming you can send the link to other buyer or seller on fiverr platform. But on any other platform that I mentions above you can share you link.
  3. You're absolutely right some people think that we will create a gig on fiverr and we will get order overnight and within one we become rich but this is not right get your first order is very difficult because there are a lot of seller also offering their services with great reviews and good experience. New Seller should be understand that to get the order on fiverr is not very easy. New seller should send buyer requests and be active on their profile for the maximum time .
  4. You can share your gig link on Facebook, twitter and other platform. You can also share your link in Facebook groups.
  5. there is some specific time in which we send the buyer request. I'm also a new seller. You can share your gig on Facebook and other platforms.
  6. Assalam o alaikum, I'm shopify expert. I have create my gig but getting no order. Can anyone tell me how I can get my first order on fiverr.
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