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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies and warm welcomes.
  2. @miiila @corsogr Thank you again! We are young researches from a University in Germany. Our research is part of our Phd studies and aims to address questions of academic relevance. We do not collaborate with Fiverr or any other organization. However, the results of our research might appear in our dissertations as well as academic journals. If anything derived from your statements will be used in our final research paper, it will of course be pseudonymized. But our primary intention is to enhance our understanding of what your experiences are with this kind of work. About our research: Recent scholarly work often portrays platform-mediated work in the gig-economy as the counterpart to what they call “craft” (see definition above). Nevertheless, we often stumbled upon the term craft across several different platforms (like for instance Fiverr). We are interested in a non-academic perspective on this issue – a perspective of people who really know what they are talking about as they are part of this economy. So, we are interested in your individual perspective on this kind of work and its meaning to you in order to enhance the scholarly understanding of what is often labeled decisive for the future of work.
  3. @genuineguidance Thanks for the tip! But how do you see your work? Does the definition of craft reflect on your work?
  4. @visualstudios Is your work just business to you or do you see your work here in other facets as well?
  5. @looseink Do you see your work here on fiverr as a more meaningful work than just earning money?
  6. @corsogr Hi fellow researcher. What are you currently working on? No we don't mistake craft with witchcraft.
  7. @miiila We that is my research partner Stefan and I. Sorry for not clarifiying in the post. Does your freelancing work resemble craft?
  8. @krheate We often saw the term craft not only on Fiverr but on other platforms too.
  9. @jonbaas It matters to us, since we want to understand how you perceive your work. Please see the attached definition of craft. Does this reflect on what you do?
  10. @newsmike: We are especially interested in digital craft. Our definition of craft: Craft is commonly associated with a humanist approach to work that embraces human engagement in making. When work is approached as craft it involves reliance on distinctly human skills (entailing mastery, all-roundedness and embodied expertise) and attitudes (entailing dedication, communality and exploration) that distinguish it from mechanical work resulting from the prioritization of machine control.
  11. Thank you all for your replies! Sorry for being imprecise, especially in relation to programming based tasks for instance web-development we often saw the term "craft" (not only on Fiverr but on other plattforms too).
  12. Hi everyone, I am a researcher from Germany and I would like to talk with you about your work via this platform. Tasks on this platform are often labeled craft, what do you think about this term? Does it reflect what you do? Thank you so much!
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