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  1. Thanks, I get that, blocked the buyer. Just did not expect such response from Fiverr as a seller. Strange and Surprising I guess. The warning did caused harm to my reputation for example, I was about to become a level2 seller and it is now 30 days, I cannot become. I guess punishing seller for no mistake without even hearing sounded strange. But anyways, thanks for your time. Appreciate it.
  2. I did exactly what you are saying. This buyer was chatting with me and got upset since I did not agree to his terms, to which he threatened to give a bad feedback and Immediately I received a warning from fiverr saying "You have used the delivery button wrongly". It was 3am in the night. In the morning, I contacted Fiverr asking which order has been reported, to which they responded that this buyer has reported it as incomplete delivery. Though I knew it, I just wanted to confirm this, which the Fiverr Support confirmed it. Further they tried explaining me that this warning is due to incomplete delivery and I told them it is not possible. A delivery which has been closed, rated, and given a feedback suddenly becomes an incomplete delivery after 3 days and given the fact that Fiverr itself has confirmed that this buyer has reported it. Had the buyer wanted to have a refund or cancel the order, he would have apporached customer resolution to which I had no problems refunding his money, but he intentionally chose to report the delivery as incomplete so damage my reputation.
  3. He shared only this much text with me. Check the language, I am 90% sure this should from Fiverr. There were couple of more messages he shared with me from Fiverr Support. This happened after 3 days of closure of order and when I declined to take his new order under his terms. He threatened me to give me a bad rating and when he could not do so, first reported me for incomplete delivery and then contacted customer support.
  4. Sorry, here is a more readable version. What he also did was since he could not change his reviews, reported to fiverr that I have sent incomplete delivery, after accepting delivery, rating and giving feedback and I received a warning from Fiverr for no reason.
  5. Strange, Check this message he sent me, which was sent from Fiverr Support to him.
  6. I did blocked the buyer and he is saying he approached customer support after that.
  7. @leannelrivers@jonbaas Thanks for your input, can you point to the TOS which mentions this. The buyer is saying that he has contacted the Customer Support Team who are very much willing to change the review.
  8. Hi Community, I have an unusual situation, a buyer bought a gig, accepted delivery, gave a 5 star rating and a good feedback, is now threatening me to change his review by contacting customer support and change it to a bad one, just because i declined to work further with him because of his abusive behavior. Is this allowed to change the reviews by buyer through customer support? I mean if he really wanted to write a bad review, he would have done it then and there when he wrote the first review.
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