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  1. Once again thank you everyone. I have officailly sent a cancellation request. Hopefully it will be accepted soon so I can move on to another project. Again thank you everyone for helping me decide, it means alot!
  2. I will cancel the order with my seller and try to send it to someone else. Thanks everyone for helping, I appreicate it!
  3. I'll say that this has been a upsetting first experience on Fiverr. If you are wondering, this is a continuetion of my last post, where my seller haven't been responding. To recap, my seller didn't respond to any of my questions, so I used the resolution center to get a status update. My seller haven't responded to it, nor has this person been online since the day before I sent a status update (Three days). The lack of communicaton, and the fact that there has gone ten days without a word from this person, and now there is only five days left. I feel on one hand that I shouldn't cancel the order since it's close to the date, and yet I have a sneeking suspicion that I won't still get a response so I'll just have to cancel it then. I just don't feel like I should continue waiting, when I can give this project I have to someone else. What do all of you say?
  4. Aww, thank you taronbd. Like I said, I'm new to Fiverr, and didn't write it there since I felt it wasn't important, but this is also my first commission, and from what everyone here seems to be saying is that it's quite irregular to do be unresponsive for several days. Hopefully I am just overthinking, and the seller is just occupied at the moment.
  5. In that case should I withdraw my request which I sent? I have already sent it, may be counterintuitive to retract it now.
  6. Thanks for the response teachernita! The problem was more that I have not recived a single response from the seller so I'm uncertain that this person even is working on it at all. I have also already sent a request, so it might be a bit too late on retracting it. The seller has ish 48 hours to respond, so I hope that amount of time will suffice. I also sent on the personal messege if the person required more time.
  7. Godday! Okay, I'll try out the resolution center first and use the "Ask the seller to provide a progress update for this order.". if that dosen't work I suppose I'll try cancel the order, and see if I can find another seller. Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new to fiverr and I bought someone to make a Commission for me. It said that it will take until the 20th of july until the drawing is complete. I send a question on the first day if I'll be getting sketches throughout the process, which I got no response from. But I thought "hey seems like this person has another comission in queue so they might be busy. I waited six days, still nothing, maybe they forgot, so I sent another messege, questioning on how the project is going, and seems like this person went online, yet I still didn't get an answer. The seller comunication level is at 4.9 and the others are 4.9 and 5 (albit from 12 reviews). This is my first purchase and I am a bit worried. Seven days have gone by and there are eight left, and throughout the entire process I haven't gotten a single response. Should I use resolution center or am I just overthinking stuff? what do you recommend?
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