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  1. I think it is up to buyer. If he/she want they can leave review and cancel or just cancel without leaving review. You should be more careful. If you want time why don't you inform them and extend time? 🙂
  2. Any buyer can place orders directly without even asking the seller. That's how this system works. That's why we put a gig with all information of our capabilities and prices. So there is no point of thinking about HOW they placed order without your acceptance! 🙂 How ever i see this is as a week point of this system. It is good if seller also have an option to take order in or reject if they are not willing to do it without decreasing ratings. Blocking buyers from inbox messages won't work in this situation. It will only block buyers from sending you messages , they can still place orders. I think best option is to report them if they are blackmailing you. Hope this will help you in future!
  3. Congratulations! 😀 Good luck with next target!
  4. If you can give best offer buyers will reply. I see in some categories there are many many offers sent by sellers for one request. So buyers have a lot options. That's why you are not getting any replies. Be patient and try to change your offer message. Don't send a pre-typed message to every request. Try to be more relevant about the job. Good luck 😀
  5. Congratulations! 😀 Keep up all the good work. Wish you can reach next seller level soon too!
  6. That badge is just to inform us a little more about buyer. There is nothing to worry about it. If you can handle them well that means more jobs from them can come your way which is an advantage for you. When you get a message from them be happy and make them satisfy with your work 😀
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