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  1. actually I'm not getting a lot of clicks, I've tried to change the gig's description and also the gallery but I still don't know why I'm not getting any sales thanks for your tips I will do these changes and see.
  2. thank you so much for these tips, I'll definitely try them
  3. Hello fiverr community, one of my gigs has almost 1.1k impressions but I've" got only one order so far, every now and then I change something in the gig from the description to the gallery but no orders, what should I do?
  4. hello, I just started on fiverr , and almost all the tips that I read here on the forum suggested that I need to send buyer request everyday and use all the 10 requests that fiverr gives you, but the problem is that all the buyer requests that I found does not have the topics or the skills that I provide, for example I design line art illustration but the buyer requests that I found are related to designing a cartoon or something else. does anyone know what to do in this case , I really need this, I've made only one sale so far. thanks in advance.
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