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  1. Stay online as much as you can and also you can send buyer requests which will help you to rank your gig. If your gig ranked then you will get order. Learn more until your expected orders. Thank you. 😊
  2. Yes, it's maybe possible but you have to rank your gig if you want to order very soon. And for this you must be active in online, send buyer requests. Through buyer requests you can express your expertise to your buyers. ☺️
  3. Share your gigs on different sites and connect on Fiverr.
  4. Hey Hope you are well. I'm Amantu Amir, a professional WordPress Developer and WordPress Bug Fixer. I'm new in Fiverr but fortunate I got a few orders earlier and last week I got two 5 star review as well. Now, I'm going to share with you, from the beginning I was connected every moment with Fiverr and share my gigs on different sites. After few weeks my impressions and clicks dramatically increasing. Please support me as I'm a new seller. My best selling gig: https://www.fiverr.com/amantu_amir/fix-wordpress-errors-and-issues Thank you. 😊
  5. If you want to find any right seller to do your task, then you have to find a gig related to your task and then talk with your task as sellers are always ready to do their best for their respectful buyers. If you think this guy can do you task then hire the guy quickly and tell about your budget. Review is not a factor because a top rated seller wasn't any review once. So, you have to identify a right person, the guy can be new or leveled. 😊
  6. Hello Maksud Billah, Hope you are well. I've been started here almost 4 months but I got some orders earlier. I can tell you as a new seller, create your gig perfectly, don't copy any data from others. You must create your gig uniquely, be patience and connect with your passion. I hope you will get order very soon. 😊 Thank you.
  7. I also don't get expected orders. You have to be patience as we are in the same boat. 😊 I hope you will get order very soon.
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