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  1. hello, because buyers should respect and contact the sellers first if they request this
  2. hello, no, what I mean is that the buyer must respect the seller if seller want contact before placing an order, the buyer shouldnt hire if didnt contact before the seller as requested
  3. The only order I've cancelled so far was because the buyer threatened me if I don't cancel he was going to leave negative feedback review, I had to cancel, it was an order for 10$, maybe if It was a big order I wouldn't cancel it
  4. put something eye catching but do not overload it, many elements or text would be annoying for the viewers
  5. hello Pedro welcome! greetings from Peru!
  6. yes that is what I meant, buyers have to respect that and dont buy without contacting the seller first
  7. hi and welcome! I suggest you to check in the forum "tips for sellers"
  8. Hello everybody here some tips for Buyers. 1) Read carefully the description of the gig you want to purchase 2) Don't hire at once if the description says "please contact me first before placing an order" (or anything like that) 3) You might be looking for something that you think is the best but remember the seller should know how to do his work, consider his suggestions too 4) Be patience, never rush or pressure the seller to deliver the project before the time stipulated 5) Respect the limits, if the sellers has their gig paused don't insist (4 buyers almost forced me to work with them even after I said I have already lot of work and can't accept more) 6) Don't ask for free revisions if the order already was marked as completed (happened to me once) 7) In middle of the order don't ask for something different that requested at first
  9. Yeah! that is a nice observation, I hope they add this option
  10. good suggestion Id like to change my nickname
  11. how about if already 60 days had past? will they still affect?
  12. nice testimony I read it all, I perfectly understand you, I quit my work too to dedicate freelancer full time and I only regret on not doing it before, by the way, are you programmer? nice I would like to learn to code, Im just a graphic designer but Im available to learn more
  13. Hello everybody, I have a doubt, Lets say somebody hires me for creating social content, for example 20 posts in 20 days, and the client wants me to send 1 post daily through the chat, is this posible? allowed? or do I have to send them all at once through delivery button?
  14. sure you can, just get creative with the gigs and follow all tips here, be constant
  15. hello everybody here some tips for new sellers: 1) Create 7 gigs of your best skills/Services 2) Make sure they have good thumbnails and all the information filled correctly and fair 3) Don't overprice 4) Always update and improve your knowledge, keep studying 5) Everyday spend your 10 offers on buyer requests (at first you might to accept cheap works for your first customers, up to you, but dont work for free neither) 6) Be active in forum, check other tips posts 7) Patience and never give up, I meet fiverr like in 2014 and I never thought It would be in the future (2020) my stable work
  16. Nice, we will never forget our first order in fiverr
  17. it happens a lot to me, I dont know why, I deliver work before the time runs out and buyer doesnt reply anymore, and after 3 days the order is marked as completed automatly
  18. hello! how did it happen? I thought they couldnt cancel it unless the timer runs out, right? or you delivered first and then he was asking for revision and then canceled?
  19. hello everybody, I have a doubt, a customer is asking me to send the files also via email, is that ok? or is it against ToS? he said because "I can’t I’m on mobile not web app", I mean is it ok sending the final work using both through the deliver button and vie email too?
  20. Hello everybody! for some reason I can't see any buyer request, is it a bug? anyone knows why is this happening? I tried refreshing the site and still no buyers requests
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