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  1. Thanks so much! I'm constantly online recently 🙂 Maybe I shall try buyer requests asap ^^
  2. Oh what I mean is the reconstruction of ideas from the seller whose description is to be written btw I shall expect asking for the info before I start writing (I hate making things up) Anyways once again really sorry for my ignorance
  3. Hello everyone. This is Gigi and I'm new here. This is my gig: Proofread, edit, copy write articles, blogs, resumes and cover letters by Whyareyousocool | Fiverr May I ask how I should improve my gig please? Thanks in advance! Gigi
  4. I do writing and proofreading btw Just find whenever you need me I'm always here!
  5. Hmm... I'm new here, but maybe creating some SEO friendly content? Trying editing your descriptions?
  6. Newbie Gigi praying for you (I'm not a pro so what I can do is praying) Anyways, hoping to collab with you all and improve together!
  7. I'm also new here. Hope to collaborate with you soon and improve together in the future! 🙂
  8. Oh hello everyone! I'm also new here! Let's work hard together. Wishing you all lots of orders! 🙂
  9. Hello buddies! This is Gigi the newbie! I'm hoping to improve with other newbies (yep, y'all) so I'm offering free gig/ profile descriptions. Simply offer me free services of your expertise, which may potentially improve my account/ profile, in return will do. For instance, you may offer website writing/ graphics design for my gig/ logo design for my profile... whatever, anything reasonable will do! Let's improve by establishing well-organized Fiverr seller accounts together! Looking forward to your response!
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