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  1. thank you for your comment.yes, i totally agree on that, i had some clients who offered a lot of money even tipped me for the service where their work was pretty decent , not even asked for revision sometimes. and the buyers who asked for the service at low rate, some of them, suffered me the most, from the bargaining to the services, which are not to be included at that price.
  2. @kreativzak thank you, i tried this couple of times, but he is not doing much, asking same questions again and again, , again it looks like he is playing with the situation. its really hard for me to cope with the situation. i dont want to work for him. is there any way to politely say no?
  3. hello, recently one customer who was difficult to serve, as he talk unrelated things too much, doesnot give enough direction, and bargained a lot about the price, recently comes back and trying to do another work with me. this time he also bargained but at last he agreed to pay a little bit more. in the previous order, his demand was not enough for the job. he didnot notify me before placing the previous order, so for the cancellation problem i had to complete it. but now he is here again, but he agreed to pay a little bit more which also lower than the general price!, now he is messaging me for couple of days. he didnot know yet what he wants, didnot place any order, didnot give me any requirements, but in the naming of "giving me direction", he is saying uncertain things, showing various examples of the work which do not relate to each other, , and messaging me everyday. i have to serve other customers, but it seems to me he is pretty much wasting my time. he said my directions are vague and negotiation is not good, which he said when i didnot agreed to do his work at a low wage! . i am loosing interest. my question is what can i do in this situation? and i tried to say no before, but he is saying , as i served him before, it will be easier to work with me, and i cant leave him like this. i dont know what to do? i am a new seller, and i am afraid what if he reports me. or gives a poor rating! please help me here. thank you so much. ps:i didnot use any hard language against him and tried to handle everything being polite and gentle!
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