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  1. congratulations! Keep getting orders😍
  2. Personalized reply of buyer request and always make the client happy with your work skills.
  3. Hello Everyone, I started freelancing on fiverr on 28 June and completed my first month on fiverr with 7 orders and $107 earnings. It's a very pleasant feeling. Really happy to work on Fiverr Thank you everyone
  4. Today I successfully completed my 3rd order of $50 with 5 star review. Buyer posted a request to change something in all pages of a book. 86 offers were sent before I could send my offer so now I did not expect to get the order but Buyer messaged me a day later and after taking some samples she agreed to order. < Please carefully read buyer's request before send them a offer> I think the offers sent earlier does not matter if you send the offer to the buyer accordingly what do you think?
  5. If a buyer sends his/her contact info to you than you just send a send a short, polite and professional message explaining that it’s against the Fiverr ToS to contact outside. You can also contact customer support immediately if a buyer gives you contact info again .
  6. Completed 2 Weeks on Fiverr with 1 order delivery πŸ‘
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