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  1. I also had this issue, I went to my app storage in settings and I cleared all data and cache. The problem got rectified after this
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Napoleon. I need advice from the buyer's on this platform. I am a new seller on Fiverr and I am having problems getting orders so I want to know some little things on how proposals should be written and it's format. Should my proposal reach it's maximum limit which is 800 on the mobile app. I feel if it does, it might discourage the buyer from reading everything because they will also have loads of request to read. What do y'all think? Also when putting my price, how low should I put it? I feel a low price will make the buyer think I am not confident in my skills. So what do other buyers or experienced sellers think I should do?
  3. @vickiespencer your reply is very inspiring to me. I have been on Fiverr for like 30 days now. I got my first order after 12 days of publishing my gig and till now I haven't gotten any other job. It feels frustrating but thanks to sellers like you I will continue to be patient. I hope to get another job soon. Fighting!!
  4. @theratypistthank you very much.
  5. @mohamedghulam88 thanks for your reply. I have really learnt a lot and I will put the points you gave to use when next I am submitting my request. I really appreciate.
  6. Thank you very much. I appreciate
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Napoleon. One of the gigs I sell on Fiverr is logo design. And there are many people who sell this same gig. Many times when I have tried to submit buyer's request, I would have seen over 100 offers sent sometimes over 200. I get discouraged to send an offer to that request. What do you advice I do? Should I still send my proposal after seeing that much offer sent or should I skip to the next request that has fewer offers sent. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Napoleon. I became a Fiverr seller last month, I got my first job in less than 2 weeks. After I finished the job, I got a 5.0 ratings but I haven't gotten any job since then and it's been almost three weeks since I submitted that work. I keep writing buyer's request, I updated my gig image since I didn't get a job and now I don't know what to do. I need advice on what to do.
  9. Hello everyone, please I need an advise. I am a new seller on fiverr, and I haven’t been asked to verify yet but I want to take precautions. I do not have a passport but I have a national ID, my concern now is my ID is in black and white. Do you think it is advisable for me to use the black and white ID for my verification when I’m asked to verify.
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