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  1. Active much time.Create your gigs in low comparative keywords.Attach gigs to different categories.Sent buyer request everyday.Share your gig in social media.
  2. Welcome to fiverr community.Stay active and work properly You can reach your vision. Thank you.
  3. Good luck for Srilanka.I hope when i make much money i visit in Srilanka😄😄.
  4. Every points are reasonable.Thank you for these suggestions.
  5. Hello friends, Is anyone can get covid-19 vaccine fully? Tell me about your experience.Have you feel any sight-effects? Tell me.
  6. Hello friends, I have create 1 month ago.After some days i upload a video in 1 gig.I also sent buyer request everyday.But i have not get any order.Please anyone can suggest some different suggestions. Thank you.
  7. Follow all health rules.Wear mask if you go outside at any necessary.Sanitize hands in 20 seconds.
  8. In Bangladesh, infection and death rate are increasing day by day instead of shutdown.But i can not losing hope.Beacause vaccination project are reopen here and people are interested to get vaccinated than previous days.I hope we can overcome this pandemic in short time. But now we must follow all health secure rules to far from corona. Thanks to all.
  9. Welcome to fiverr.If you want success,active much time in fiverr.If you are not install fiverr app in mobile,do it immediately.Create an eye-catching gig and sent buyer request everyday.Read fiverr TOS. Thank you.
  10. If you think you can get order in a short time, you are not right place.Many seller are here who active at least 2 months but not get any order.However,if you want to get order,active more time.Sent 10 buyer requests everyday.Write some i eye catching points in buyer request.Share your gig in social media platforms.
  11. Thank you for helpful suggestions.
  12. Welcome to fiverr.Active more in fiverr if you want order.Share your gigs in social media platforms.Do not break any rules in fiverr.Read fiverr community standards properly. Best of luck.
  13. In lockdown,i completed my digital marketing course.Oh, i also wait for eid😄
  14. I feel very uncomfortable.Beacause my exam is hold again.That thing will hamper my career.However,i prepare my studies,but i don't know when it's end.
  15. If we do not go outside unnecessarily, we are far away from covid-19.However, if we go out for any necessary reasons, we must wear musk,maintain social distance, sanitize our hand properly. Stay home,stay safe.
  16. You must work hard.If you think you can earn money fast,you are not right place.Don't think about money,just focus on your goal.
  17. If you know video editing,you can upload a video in your gig.If not,you can upload photo which is seo friendly.You must active more time in fiverr.
  18. Active more time in fiverr.Try to upload video in your gig.If you don't know about video editing,you upload seo friendly photos.Share your gig in social media platforms.
  19. Active more time.At least 15 hours.Sent buyer request everyday.
  20. No.Everyon has own buyer requestes.They cannot share this.Because it is his or her hard work.If you collect b.q.,you watch videos in youtube.
  21. You must active more time.For your previous reviews,your gigs are increase quickly.Best of luck.
  22. welcome to fiverr.Active much time at least 12 hours.Try to upload video in your gig.It helps you to get much impression.
  23. Yes,you are right.Thank you.
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