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  1. well no, because the code was flawed so I couldn’t finish the work. but other than that i’ve hosted the app on my own server and added the whole payment gateway. now the app loads in the dashboard but it crashes because of the bugs in the code.
  2. I’ve done that but the buyer isn’t responding now I only have 6 hours left to either deliver the final product or request cancellation 😦
  3. I have been producing music for well over 5 years now and I sell beats on other platforms including beatstars, same goes for ecwid I get jobs on upwork too. I think giving out ppl free work is just dumb and introduce this culture of new sellers being oppressed.
  4. this article is a must read, highly recommend all new sellers to read this.
  5. agree alot, I’d rather not sell than providing free work because its just not the right way.
  6. hmm but whats the point in extending the order when its worth alot more money, sorry to say this but as sellers we shouldn’t offer free work to anyone. I don’t mind have a bad affect on my completion rate rather than doing free work.
  7. they’re very bad with communication, comes online once 3 - 4 days. sent the message explaining everything 2 days ago still haven’t got a response
  8. thanks for the valuable advice again, will do what you said 🙂
  9. thanks for the valuable advice, but I do not offer fixing code with bugs as that would take a whole lot of time. so I think cancelling would be the most suitable option
  10. hey there fiverr community, I’m Julian and I do ecwid stores and music production. I recently got a customer who paid $200 to integrate a custom payment gateway into his site. the API that he provided with from a spanish company. after setting everything up and running into consecutive problems as it wasn’t fully supported by ecwid. I integrated the app, setup the hosting and add the code only to find out that its flawed and there are bugs. because of running into consecutive problems the working time was above 20+ days. and now I might have to cancel the order after workinig for 20+ hours on a project. what would you guys suggest for me to do? cancel the order or provide reasoning since Its not my fault that the code is flawed.
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