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  1. Wow, this is very helpful for me. I have same problem about it. We are 2 workers in my home. But i thought its not possible to run 2 account in 1 pc. Thank you mam.
  2. You can try by your mobile handset. You have to capture the picture with your id card on your hand and then upload.
  3. Welcome to fiverr and i am also a new worker on fiverrr. Lets shake! If you want to know about fiverr pro then you have real all rules from fiverr to get fiverr pro.
  4. This is not possible to run because you can run 1 account in you one pc and one net ip. If you do this then you will be banned from fiverr. Its a fiverr rules.
  5. It depends how many visitors visit your gig. This is an result of statistics of fiverr rules.
  6. Yes you can share on your instagram profile not bad.
  7. Yes you can share on your instagram profile
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