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  1. I’m new too but I’d like to join everyone else in saying ‘Croeso!’ Which is Welsh for ‘Welcome’.
  2. This is what I love about Fiverr, the opportunity to support designers around the world. Best of luck & prosperity to you!
  3. Best wishes and good luck, so far I’ve found Fiverr is wonderful 🙂
  4. I wish everyone on here all health and prosperity 🙂
  5. Thank you so much, I wish the same for you
  6. I have and I am really thrilled with his work 🙂
  7. There are so many, it’s going to be hard to choose! 🙂
  8. Thanks, everyone, hope you’re having a good weekend. Web_iaab, I will be in publishing (fiction).
  9. Good afternoon to everyone here. Next year I start up my little publishing company, but have already had a great experience purchasing a logo from a wonderful Seller. Look forward to buying more in the future - I love that I get to ‘meet’ designers from all over the world. Best wishes & stay safe!
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