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  1. Hi, I’d like to reach out to see if there members here who might have recommendations for good writers? Budget is flexible, and can range from USD 45 to 100 for a 1,000 to 2,000 word article. I recently had a poor first experience with a seller and I was hoping for some community recommendations. I’ve used Fiverr before for other services, and there are some excellent sellers on this platform, who go above and beyond to deliver. I thought I would try out the article writing services for a change. I recently placed an order for an article with a seller (username: ********). I chose the seller due to the number of high-star reviews. Unfortunately, I was left quite disappointed with the seller’s level of professionalism. I paid the seller’s stipulated rate of approx. $45 USD for 2,000 words, and did not negotiate the fee down. The article requirement was simple - just a straightforward guide on how to start a car wash business in “X” steps. Here is the sequence of events: May 22: Order placed. Due date was May 25. May 24: Extension request received to extend deadline to May 29. I approved it quickly. No worries since good writing takes time. May 29: Receive abrupt message from seller saying that she feels under the weather, and therefore wants to cancel the order. No offer for extension or negotiation. Would any users here be able to recommend writers that they have had good experiences with? Thank you. Mod Note: Username removed.
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