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  1. I agree with you, If communication is not good, then there is a lot of problem in having a communication with him/her. That's why every buyer wants a good seller in English. So that he/she can talk to him/her well and can do a successful project together. In that case, the seller must have good skills in English as well as work skills.
  2. It is not always the case that if you are a new seller, you will be able to write the description neatly. There are many new seller who can't write a description properly but can do a very good job.
  3. Maintaining a house wife 24 hr online is a little tough. How many clients are missing for this. What can I do? Gig impression down.

  4. Welcome to fiverr… I am also from Khulna, Bangladesh.
  5. Thank You for giving great information.
  6. welcome sister. Best wishes for you
  7. After completing my two orders. I noticed that my Fiverr gig has a little description problem. I did not understand. The first was the gig. So, I did a little editing. Then slowly the gig goes down a bit. My order is not coming after that. What can I do? please suggest me new here.
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